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Road Trip!!!

Earlier this year I answered a "call for artists" from the Elisabeth Jones Art Center in Portland Oregon. Their rather ambitious goals start by creating a two foot by one-mile, free-standing painting, a panorama that includes images from each mile of the California, Oregon and Washington coastline. Each artist is charged with painting a panel in an area of their choosing on a two foot by 4 foot wooden panel. My area of choice was Salt Point on the Northern Sonoma Coast. The other goals of the project are:

  • To create a system of ocean observers, so any untoward action on the ocean or its accompanying landscape will not go unnoticed.

  • To create a financially self-sustaining foundation for artists.

  • To generate money to create formats that foster critical discussion, as well as provide grants for appropriate groups and individuals.

My application to paint Salt Point was accepted and I was also asked to take on Stewart's Point. While I have hundreds of images in my photo library geotagged for Salt Point, I only had one tagged for Stewart's Point. I had intended to visit both to take more photos and sketch there, but then I fell and broke my wrist in late February. This threw a major monkey wrench into my plans, but I was able to complete both paintings in time for them to dry and be varnished.

Tomorrow we leave on a road trip to drive them to Portland and enjoy some sites along the way.

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