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Edward S. Curtis was commissioned by J.P. Morgan to compile a series of books depicting Native American life in 1906. Several other photographers were hired by the federal government to photograph Native Americans, but Curtis had a particular knack for portraiture, and so his photographs capture more than just the appearance of his subjects, but also their spirit. He also worked to document their traditional lifestyle before it disappeared. As I continue with my First Citizens work, I find myself drawn more and more to Curtis' photographs for inspiration. It is no wonder, given the beauty of his subject matter and the extraordinary breath of his work. Even his own self portrait captures more

How can it be August already?

I have been so busy, but unfortunately not painting. Instead, I have been packing boxes, and moving boxes, and unpacking boxes...moving cats, possessions, and our lives to Truckee. We are now officially living her full time and the house is nearly settled. That includes my painting studio. I have graduated from the back of the garage to a real studio. I think it will be very inspiring, as it is a beautiful room at the front of the house with breathtaking views. Now I need to get busy painting, as I have run out of excuses. Let's see what this inspires...

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