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First Citizens

Continuing on the theme of first citizen paintings that I started about a year ago, is this latest work. He is still drying, and will probably get a mat glaze, but I like the way he turned out. I hope I captured the proud nature of his stance as he emerges from his background in history.

Getting old isn't easy

My latest completed work was more of a challenge than I expected. I wanted to paint a Native American with signs of age and time on his face. This proved harder than I thought. I have never painted an older person before, always sticking with smooth youthful skin, and my first versions were heavily lined and not what I was going for. After several attempts, I put him aside and worked on other things (more on that later) and stared at him to determine how to proceed. His heavy eyelids were exactly what I wanted, but the lines had no character, no depth. I went back to the foundation of light and dark and went at it again and it worked. His face shows age and experience without being covered i

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