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Deadlines and Commitments

Suddenly I feel like I am back in school working on my final thesis. I had a final date that it had to be completed and to not complete it and wait another semester was not an option. Why do I feel this way again, well because I am going to be part of the first ever Reno Art Market. technically the Reno-Tahoe International Art Show. For it, I need to complete enough new paintings to fill a booth. Instead of 50K words, I need 15-20 works. I am glad that I generally work big when I work in oil, but still, the task seems daunting when looking at a lot of blank canvases. Since my "Remains of the Day" paintings have been so popular, I will be continuing in that style for the show, editing and changing at times, but generally a bit abstract on a wild canvas. I like the looks of things. I am excited about the show AND completely stressed. I need to get busy...


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