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Changing it up...

I was looking through my stack of Edward Curtis book for some inspiration for my next work when I came across a fascinating photo in the Kwakiutl section of one. The Kwakiutl are indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada. This photo is labeled "Tsunukwalahl - Qagyuhl." The person is wearing a mask of Tsunukwalahl, who is a mythical being. The photo reminded of many of Picasso's paintings, a bit abstract, but not quite cubist, so I decided to use the Sennelier Oil Pastels that I received as a gift. Since Picasso worked directly with Sennelier to develop the first oil pastels, I thought it appropriate. This is my first oil pastel "painting," but I liked using it and the look of the work so far. I still need to do some tweaking, but I like what I am seeing thus far. I sprayed it with some fixative so that I can work on top of what I already have. I will post the finished work, if I ever consider it finished.

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