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A couple of years ago I was cleaning up at the end of a painting class and I was regretting that I was about to scrape a good bit of paint into the garbage. Transporting it home without making a mess was nearly impossible, and keeping it for the next class was also not an option. That day however, I did something different, I took my palette knife and scraped it onto a small blank canvas. I thought I would eventually use it as a background for a future work. After the next class, I did the same thing, but with a bit more intent as to where I placed the colors. As I continued to do this, I started to like the way the "picture" looked, more and more. When the canvas was full, I started another and people started to comment on them, they liked them. I did this the following semester and actually sold a couple of these works that I titled "Remains of the Day, 1, 2, etc."

While those works were fun, a few months ago I decided to do something different with my leftover paint. I decided to make a different king of palette work with my 'remains' and so for each painting that I have been doing, I have also been creating a corresponding 'remains' work. These paintings are quick studies and use just the paint that is left on the palette each day. Sometimes I mix the colors and sometimes I don't. Like the works that they come after, they are all in various states of 'doneness' but I am beginning to like them, although some I like more than others.

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