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The end is nigh

It seems impossible, but it's not. Two weeks ago I commenced, wore my hat, gown, and graduate hood through a wonderful ceremony at AAU. That gave me 2 1/2 weeks to finish my thesis, odd, to have the ceremony before the end of the semester, but schedules are tight for the venue. So I have been working diligently on that thesis, getting it in shape and ready for submission. Right now I am waiting for the last input from my advisor before I do any final tweaks. I am hoping that he doesn't have much to say, beyond GOOD JOB because I am ready to be done. I love the subject, and I am very happy with my paper, but I am ready to be done with being graded and judged, and edited, and graded, and judged, get the point. So, today while I wait, I did something fun. I prepped canvases for new painting projects. I am ready for NEXT.

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