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Artist or Art Historian

One of the reasons that I decided to study Art History at AAU is the requirement for studio classes. Understanding the artistic process is important to understanding the art. It also helps to understand terminology better. Terms like underpainting, cartoon, glazes, etc. become clearer when you actually execute them as a painter. As I enter my last semester and work on my Master's thesis, I am often asked, "What are you going to do when you graduate?" Good question... I'm not sure. I think about teaching, something that I never considered before... I have been a TA (Teaching Assistant) several times, including this semester at CCSF and I enjoy it, but it is also a huge responsibility. Do I want that at this stage in my life?

My amazingly supportive husband thinks that I should be an artist, full time. He is very biased, and I love him all the more for it. The idea of having a studio (NOT in the back of the garage) and painting all day is very romantic and appealing, but also seems unrealistic. Will anyone buy my art? Sure, I sold a few paintings at the student show last year, but will people want to buy enough of my art to justify it as a career? I'm not sure. Should I let that stop me? Can I do both? I don't want to stop painting, but I don't want to stop learning about art either. I know how lucky I am that these are the choices that I get to make in my life, but I still struggle with them. Meanwhile, I am an Art History major working on my Master's thesis and I have an A- in my graduate level painting class... Both sounds pretty good.

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