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Is a painting ever really finished, or is it always a work-in-progress. I try to get to the finish line, but then I look at a painting sitting on the drying rack and think about potential changes that I could make to improve on it. Sometimes I act on it, but I have started a new practice of starting another version of the same painting, perhaps a different angle, or size, changing what I would have changed in the predecessor, rather than actually changing it. I like the way some of them look, even though they are far from done. Here is the latest. He still needs a lot of work and I am researching what symbols to put on his clothing, trying to make it a bit more authentic. I love doing feathers and will layer on a lot more paint before these are the way I want them. Meanwhile, since he is very wet and I want him to dry a bit, I am starting a new painting today.

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